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Drugs have no respect of persons


Another famous person falls

My junkie thoughts

So im not so sure im blogging right or if anyone is seeing it! I have articles i want to share but i dont know how to post a link! Maybe im not cut out for this modern forum but i press on in hopes that one person will look at this at some point and say ” i can relate”. Let me gather my thoughts and ill be back i plan to conquer this medium!!!

freddiejay, an ex addicts thoughts

hello world,i read a lot of things written about addiction and the addict by people who havent half the experience that i have!! Instead of whining about it i decided to start my own blog, here’s the problem im not computer savvy and i just learned today what a blog is!! so if you’re looking for a proper blogger go to Dr Phil or that Hilton boy, I don’t have a phd or addictions training,although i am starting school this fall. what i do have is 25 yrs experience as an addict ,i had my first drink in single digits and had shot up before the age of 16, had a full-blown heroin addiction at 20 yrs of age! i rode that rollercoaster well into my thirties, leaving a trail of lies, broken ┬ápromises, prison sentences and tears behind.

i will be talking about drugs,rehabs and the so called war on drugs! i will offer advice and help to the suffering addict as well as those with years of clean time!! so read on and nod your head, shake your fist, agree with me , call me names, send me hate mail and call me a liar!!! whatever you do whatever i say i hope we can feel something together, however, please make no mistake im not reaching out to save you, im reaching out to save me!!!!!

Hello world!

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Happy blogging!


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NZ Fiendishly Fiends Fabricated Withdrawal Fables

Methadone sucks. I jumped off 70mg a day. Illegally purchased from "street" sources, of course. And Sam McBride, addiction "specialist" in Wellington, New Zealand, is a complete knob. Turns out, after years of dealing with people all over the spectrum of addiction and those in the recovery industry white collar jobs, that a lot of others working around him are proving just as mind faltering wrong in their choice of profession. Sadly we, the addicted masses, suffer at their whim. Corporate, capitalistic whim it may be. But whim it is. Even though CAPITALISM ADDICTION could be argued as the worst problematic addiction. It's worse for the planet. Worse for people. Worse for happiness. "QUALITY OF LIFE" is something that needs hammering - it's really the be all and end all. If products or drug regimes increase quality of life for an individual, then WTF? Too bad. The ability to live a life is paramount. Complete abstinence is not for 95% of population long term. I base this on nothing. I made it up. They write they rules, definitely rules to the right. "QUALITY OF LIFE" is a measure of recovery. Quality of life is a measure of happiness. How many BMW's you own and spending two hours a day with your three kids and dog is probably not. I am not thick, yet struggle immensely with an answer to WHY? Why do they seemingly take solace in making your life, their business? Learning from people is a progressive societies best feature. Putting your head in the sand is not the same as bending over and showing them your asshole. "THEY CAN, AND DO, SCREW WITH MY LIFE BY A SINGLE STROKE OF THEIR PEN. THIS IS MY PEN. SUCK IT UP PEOPLE". Those who do not in the least find tank girl adorable will be offended. Punks, young people, tank girl fans will think okay. Spiritual advisor's and anyone with psych' qualifications should not think too hard and simply read the words on the page, without examining the mind behind. BOTTOMS UP.


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