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Wasted time

It’s Friday and we have another week in, a paycheck in the bank and two days of rest and relaxation ! So what will you do with your down time? As for me it’s family time and that’s my favorite time! I read a blog recently that said when people get to the end of their life are not gonna wish they had spent more time at work! This is true, I do believe! People may wish they had been better husbands or better parents but I doubt anyone would look back and say ” man, I wish I would’ve worked late every night” so this weekend I want you to do some of the things you love, call a relative in another state just to chat, help your aging mom with her shopping, take an interest in your kids life and maybe play some Barbie doll games or gi joe games! I can guarantee you won’t look back on it as wasted time


A little love

You would be surprised at what the right word can do. It could be your smile That makes anothers day. I was recently in a place of buisness and the person behind the counter was incredibly rude without provocation. Well the more difficult this person became, the nicer I maintained. As we left the place my friend said ” man, you have patience with people , I would have been cussing and screaming if I were you” to this I answered what would that accomplish,I mean right now she’s having a bad day, why should I join her? I went back to the same place the next day and I got the same person but with a very different attitude. She started by apologizing and went on to tell me how ashamed she was of her actions the day before, she told me about her boss and some problems with her son. I handed her a gospel of John that I keep in my pocket for just such an occasion . By the time we concluded our little talk she had tears running from her eyes and was laughing at the same time. I walked away with the satisfaction that I chose love over anger. Sometime all a person needs is a little love

Gain a following

My friend from childhood told me yesterday that I don’t need to hit a home run everytime I step up to the plate. He basically told me to do the best I can and stay obedient to God. Man, did I need to hear those words! Not because I didn’t already know it, I’ve given out advice close to it. I needed it because a friend giving me a gentle nudge is what I need to stay grounded. I’m trying to gain a following and I’m hoping to sell some books, that’s the goal but what drives me. Is it profit, is it notoriety ? Those are nice but my goal is to reach others like me who need a gentle nudge, people who know there’s a heaven because they have seen hell!

Temporary fix

I know a little something about temporary fixes. I spent a great deal of my life chasing a daily fix of heroin! It may sound strange to your ears but I haven’t any regrets about it, after all my addiction gave me the ability to see God in action. I see life on this plane as temporary with my ultimate destination to be in the spirit world with the God of my understanding. Today may not be perfect but it’ll do for now. Ill get my daily fix of the Bible, ill read some inspirational blogs, ill go about my day looking to help someone, to be in service so to speak and ill live life on life’s terms but I know I’m on a spiritual journey ,I haven’t reached my destination ! My life for now is just a temporary fix!

Simply Perfect

I have the perfect relationship with my wife! You know there’s a problem already ,don’t you? No one has a perfect relationship, there are fights and tempers with jealousy and money and all sorts of things. Last week didnt I write that my wife and I disagreed over the course of action to take for our son? So tell me mr freddiejay how is your relationship so darn perfect! Well it suits me perfectly, yes we disagree and have trouble over money or kids and sometimes both. When my wife disagrees with me I don’t take it as an insult to my manliness, I try to see her point of view.i don’t take my role as head of household to mean tyrannical overlord. Her ideas are better sometimes and on occasion mine are the best course of action but no matter what I respect my wife and she gives it back! Ya see, perfect! My idea of perfection doesn’t mean that we always see eye to eye, it means that after the hurt egos and bruised feelings we can look one another in the eye and say “I’m sorry” and move on with our day to day lives which from my perspective is simply perfect!

What’s important

What was the very first job, was it farming or maybe construction ? No I’d say the first job was manager. When God created Adam and Eve , the first job he gave them was a management position, feel free to look through Genesis and disagree if you like. They were left to manage the things they were given and I’d go so far as to say we have been given the same position. It doesn’t matter what your title is in this world , from a CEO to chief bottle washer our job is temporary and while I think that’s its important we do a good job we should see it for what it is. I really believe that life is a journey and we should take care of the things we have been given to manage but look to our spiritual needs as most important. You don’t have to believe the same things I believe but consider your priorities today and ask yourself, what’s really important?

its your choice

happy friday my friends, hope your thanksgiving was a great one this year! As we head toward the Christmas holiday, lets remember to treat one another with respect. Im sure as the day wears on we will hear of some people having a knockdown dragout fist fight over an off brand camera, it happens every Black Friday ! however , i bet if you listen hard enough you’ll also hear of incredible act of charity and selflessness, the problem is that good things dont make the headline! its like the old song says, Accentuate the Positive. Make a choice today my friends, your happiness depends on it!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Today, as we gather around the T.V. Our bellies full of turkey to view some football I want you to take a few moments to think about all the things we have to be grateful for! I know you love your family and you’re happy to have that job you complain about but I want you to dig a little deeper! Think about all the little things we take for granted, I won’t give you examples because I want your list to be just that, yours! We have so much to be thankful for and we really open the doors to new blessings when we acknowledge them! Have a wonderful thanksgiving and give the cook a pat on the back, a little gratitude goes a long way! Happy thanksgiving !

Who are you??

I never considered myself a writer but when I think about it I guess I am. I write this daily blog and I’m currently writing an auto biography I plan to follow that up with an inspirational book for people in recovery . I have long term plans for another book about children of addicted parents! Of course , I’m a father , a husband, a brother and many other things as well but what or who am I ? The way we view ourselves has little to do with the way the world sees us. Today I want you to ask yourself, who am I ? Use your self evaluation to improve any weak areas, looking inward is scary but worth the trouble, we should continually strive to be more then we are. I’m content but always willing learn !

It’s not about feelings

I’m not feeling so great today, my son is a little sick and my wife and I had a little disagreement about the course of action to take. To add to that I’m late paying a bill and I have a family member who is in the grips of addiction. I have some troubles and every right to say I just don’t feel good and I’m not going to put on a happy face! However it’s really not about my feelings,I’m a man of faith. I get on here everyday and tell others to smile in spite of your troubles, why do I do this? Because I believe a higher power loves me and is in total control of this life I’ve surrendered to Him! I believe this with all my heart and when doubt tries to creep in I pray for more faith. God has never let me down! Smile through the troubles and you’ll get through them, life is so much more about what you believe rather then what you feel! Have a wonderful Tuesday !!!!


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