The Day After

We made it through another Christmas , here at the Freddiejay household we had a wonderful day. As the new year approaches some will make resalutions, I for one am going to try and eat a little healthier in the new year. I’d like to lose about fifteen pounds not because I’m fat but just to be a little more fit! I love fresh starts and I figure a lot of people are the same way. Will I succeed ? I hope so but if not i can make a new start the day after I eat some cheesecake. My point is, if I have one is that there’s always time to change. If there’s a resalution you have well write it in the comments, make a declaration to give it the old college try! Here’s to the new year and endless possibilities! I’m claiming that 2013 is my year, it’s going to bring many changes to my life and all of them will be great! Yes I honestly believe the things I write, just for today, believe with me!


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  1. free penny press

    I am in the process now of writing my “things that either need to change or be tossed out list”..
    Happy day after Christmas to you!!

  2. Brittany Alexander

    Hey I nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Go to to check it out.

    • Wow thank you so much, now if I can only figure out how to do all those things lol

      • Brittany Alexander

        You’re welcome! Lol to make it easier I would copy and paste the rules, then take it from there. Once you decide who you want to nominate, I would copy and paste their blog URL into to the post.

        I hope this helps! πŸ™‚

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