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A Great Generation

Today’s blog was going to be about daddy’s , not father because anyone over thirteen can father a child but it takes a real man to be a daddy. I’ve noticed other dads taking their kids to school and really stepping up and I wanted to acknowledge them in today’s writing. However, I thought about it as I was walking back from my son’s school and while those daddy’s deserve a tip of the hat, so do the mommy’s and grandmas and everyone who steps into a child’s life. It really does take the whole village to raise the child and all members of the family and support structure play a crucial role in the future of that child. I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs that I’m a fan of westerns and war movies so ill ask your indulgence while I draw a comparison . Dwight Eisenhower knew that the allied invasion of nazi occupied Europe was going to be costly but he had a vision of a prosperous Europe without a tyrannical fist governing it! He had to work closely with his allies to make them see his vision and it cost all of us dearly to make that vision a reality. Europe today is a thriving beautiful part of our world and it scares me to think what it would have been without the sacrifices of so many. So today I ask you , what is your vision for your sons, daughters, nieces , nephews ? Are you working with your allies ( wife, husband, sister , teacher, pastor) to bring that vision into focus? Are you willing to sacrifice your time, money , wisdom to see that child have a successful future that you envision for them? Keep up the good work I know we can raise another great generation!


Microwave Jesus

There’s a reason why the diet industry makes billions of dollars a year and there’s a reason these diets fail 99% of the time. There’s a boatload of ways to make money in this country but there’s a reason why so many people are living paycheck to paycheck. Are these diet people frauds? Well some are but most will work if you follow the instructions. The many ways to make money are all over the Internet ,are they all liars? Again, some are but if you put in the work you could earn extra income with the ideas they have. So what’s the problem? People want a magic wand, they don’t want to work at something that makes you disipline yourself. They want an immediate payoff with no work, I’m here to tell you nothing works that way! If anyone says it does,well they are trying to get your money! Suppose out of the blue one day I ran up to your door , beat on it furiously and when you answered said ” listen you don’t know me but I really need your help out of this jam I’m in and if you help ,well ,ill be your friend!” You would probably slam the door in my face and call the police. How many times do we run to God to fix our finances , heal our sick relative or get us out of trouble without first having a relationship with him? How often do we turn on the television instead of opening our bible? I’m asking you but this is as much for me as anyone else. There isn’t a quick fix , and there isn’t a microwave Jesus. Have a great week my friends!


Happy Friday my friends! This morning I overslept and didnt get my son to school on time. There was a time when I would of let that ruin my day but Gods love has taken me to new levels. I’m not a bad father because I overslept , I’m human. Today’s blog is about becoming comfortable in my own skin, and why shouldn’t I be? I mean, after all, I spend a lot of time with me! I’ve learned to accept me and that’s not as easy as it sounds but my goodness is it liberating! I don’t have to like what’s in style or listen to the music everyone else does. Magazines don’t dress me or tell me how to be a father. I don’t let others and their many opinions about who I’m supposed to be ,affect me in the least. I try to please God and I’ve found that if I follow the examples of Jesus I do just fine. I respect others and their many opinions but I don’t allow it to dictate who I am ! I make mistakes and I take them to God. Don’t get me wrong i love to continually better myself but if you think you’ll ever see me in skinny jeans and an orange sweater you’re mistaken ! I know who the Kardashians are simply because the one is gorgeous but I’ve never watched the show or any Paris Hilton vehicle either. In my opinion these things are a complete waste of time but that’s just my opinion and I have many of them. Embrace who you are and get comfortable in your skin, you’re going to be there awhile!

It Cant Hurt

When I started this blog it seemed like no one was reading it, there were three individuals who kept me writing I’d like to acknowledge them before I move on, and , they kept me writing with positive feedback and just knowing that someone was picking up what I’m putting down was wind to my sails. I could of quit and maybe I should of quit but along the way more people started reading me and while I still don’t have a huge following, I’ve made friends that I truly respect . My book is moving along and it looks like it will be out in August , not to shabby for a guy who considers himself a roofer. I’m also taking a writing course online to become a better writer and its helped me grow as a person already . So today’s post is really about helping someone, about believing in someone. I’m proof that a pat on the back can be a huge inspiration . These three people gave me more then they can possibly know and you can give someone so much with some simple words of encouragement . It doesn’t have to be a blogger it can be the guy who empties trashcans in your office, it can’t be the guy at the deli who makes your cornbeef sandwich but a simple tip of your hat can drive them to new heights or at the very least improve their day. They may look at you strangely when you acknowledge them but that’s only because they are so unaccustomed to words of praise but I bet they will be grateful for it! Give it a try it certainly can’t hurt.

God Loves You!

Sorry I didnt write yesterday but I went on a class trip with my son. I didnt plan on having a great time but I did. It was The Children’s Museum and the kids are allowed to touch the exhibits and interact with them. I laughed at my sons amazement to all these new things. He was delighted to see how a steam engine works or how your lungs deliver oxygen to the body. As I watched him I thought about my father, not my biological father but God. I thought about all the years I broke his heart with my indifference and bad decisions. I thought about His joy the day I hit my knees and surrendered my will to Him. As I watched my son run around with his little eyes full of wonder it gave me a new perspective on my relationship with God. There’s a little voice I’ve learned to tune into in my head, it takes practice but its worth the effort. Yesterday I heard that small voice say ” Freddie, what can Mikey do to make you stop loving him?” My answer was there’s nothing he can do to make me stop loving him, I get upset with him and at times I don’t like his decisions, I love him so I discipline him but nothing could make me stop loving my son! As I thought about this I heard that little voice say ” and nothing can make me stop loving you!” You may think I’m crazy and that the voices in my head are just my own thoughts but let me tell you I was overwhelmed at the level of Gods love, a love that is perfect and so far beyond our capacity to love that we haven’t even began to understand it! It’s an old saying and you may find it hokey but God loves you! Let that sink deep into your heart, God loves you!!! It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done, if you’ll ask God right now to lead your life to come into your heart, He will. Not because you’re sooo great or so evil but because the price has already been paid! God loves you that much!


God dont make junk! You’re no accident, you’re no mistake , you are exactly what God wants you to be. The only way you could have been made is for your moms DNA and yor dads DNA to come together at the exact moment in time to create you. God thinks we are worth so much that he went to the cross for us. Maybe your mom or dad told you that you’d never amount to anything, maybe you were or are in a relationship with a person who tells you your stupid, fat ,ugly or any other name that makes you dislike yourself. I’m here to tell you that’s garbage and it isn’t true! You’re brilliant , beautiful and lovely in Gods eyes, He love you so much He won’t force his way into you life. Look in the mirror, you’re 206 bones covered by twice as much muscle, lungs to breathe, systems to circulate blood organs to defend itself. You’re covered by 20 sq foot of skin that is waterproof, self repairing and constantly renews and sheds itself. I’ve made my point without going over every inch of you but you are Gods masterpiece ! A unique creation made to bring Him glory. Don’t listen to the magazines or television or anyone who tells you you’re not the apple of Gods eye. Today is the day you start believing in yourself , today start seeing what God says you are in Ephesians 2:10 . Start seeing yourself as Gods masterpiece

Thank God It’s Monday

I know this will sound funny to some of you but I’m so glad it’s Monday , my sons birthday was this weekend and I had a big bill looming that had to get paid so the end of last week into the weekend was hectic to say the least. At 7 pm last night I deposited the last of the money that had to be in the bank by this morning with a satisfied sigh. I came home and we sang happy birthday to my son who ran out of the room, more interested in playing the game we took him away from for birthday festivities ! As we sat down to ice cream and cake my wife looked at me and asked ” did we make it” I smiled and nodded my head and I watched the tension leave her shoulders. It made me feel like a man, it made me happy to know my hard work has paid off. I think of all the years I wasted thinking a man had to be a great fighter or have lots of different women. I’m so grateful that God has given me another chance to learn how to be a man, to be someone I respect. I know it may sound crazy but I actually smiled at myself in the mirror this morning while brushing my teeth. Those years I spent in ignorance werent wasted years they made me all the more grateful to be who I am today. Thank God It’s Monday!!
Have a good week friends !!!


I’ve always loved rainy days I suppose a therapist could have a field day with that kind of thinking but I don’t mean I want to be stuck out in the cold rain. I just like the overcast sky and the rain hitting the window with its own rhythm , especially on a rainy Sunday when you can sleep late and enjoy the quiet comfort of the raindrops on the roof above. If you have to go out it isn’t so bad if your prepared with an umbrella , a clean windshield and the time to drive a little slower. What’s scary is the storms we don’t see coming, the ones that brew in our house and like a tornado they tend to destroy everything in its path. No matter what radar you have you just can’t see some of them coming, but wether you have advanced warning or not we should always prepare as best we can. Stay prayed up , be in constant contact with He who has power over wind , rain and all of life’s storms. You never have to face storms or troubles on your own and those of us with addictions seem to run into more storms then others but that why God allows us a little more grace. I joke with my friends that God loves drunks and drug addicts more then anyone else and of course we know that God loves all of us but it reminds me of a conversation I had with my mother. I ask her why she seemed to always favor my older brother over me and she looked at me and she said ” Freddie , I love all my children but your strong and independent but your brother needs me more and he always will, I know what he is but he will always need to be comforted and you my son will always comfort others.” I don’t know if mom was shining me on but I’m found my comforter in God and He is my life raft , I’m not ashamed to say I need him, I’m grateful he’s there to see me through life’s storms!

Help = Blessings

I firmly believe that one of the keys to happiness is helping another person . It’s in that moment that we step out ,in spite of our own problems, to help another ,that something magical happens ! I have also found that I get even bigger blessings when I’m helping a stranger or someone I simply don’t like. It happens, I will meet someone and for whatever reason our personalities don’t match up and it would always be that very person God sent to me asking for help. Lets face it , it’s easy to help someone you love or care about, and while friends may try our patience we still help them because, after all, they would do the same for us. The blessings come when it’s someone you may not exactly like or when you help a complete stranger expecting nothing in return. It’s then that you open these doors and good things come flooding your way. I’ve had some pretty serious problems that seemed to fix themselves while I was helping another. I’ve given away my last few dollars only to find a roofing job out of the blue filling my pocket with loot. I write about these things not because I’ve heard them or someone told me about them , I write about these things because I have lived them, I have experienced Gods favor and am walking in His mercy at this very moment. I love my life, not because its perfect or because I get my every wish. I love my life because God has revealed to me what a precious gift life is and what a glorious opportunity it is to help someone asking nothing in return. You can’t find that feeling in a drink or a drug but you can find it at the feet of The Savior. There’s a lot of bad things in the world and that’s for sure and thers a lot of great things in the world, it’s what you look for that dictates your happiness,reach out and see the good!

Today’s Miracle

I believe that God is working behind the scenes to make my life better and I believe there are great things headed my way. I also believe I am living a miracle right now. I woke up this morning without having to go buy dope to stop the screaming pain in my body. I have money in my pocket and beautiful son who adores his daddy . He loves to sneak up behind me and try out a new wrestling move when I’m at the computer working on my book. I don’t have a short temper and my family knows they can count on me. My friends will tell you I’m a man of my word and I’m the person they call when they need to talk. I’m a giver, not a taker, I’m a lender not a borrower. I’m these things because of Gods grace and mercy. I’m not here because of my good works or my amazing ability to reinvent myself. I’m alive and well because God is showing others that no matter how bad you think your life is He is able to repair the broken , the sick and the suffering. Yes there’s good things coming my way but im a walking, talking , writing ,living miracle today!!!


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