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Child Of God, Or Just A Child

Ok we made it to another Friday , what a glorious week I had , filled with ups and downs and all points in between. I took my son to the carnival a couple of times and while we were there he was happy and oh so grateful but when it came time to leave he threw a fit! I mean a fit where other people were watching and probably questioning if I were beating my kid. As we got home I was so upset with him I ask his mother take him and let me go smoke a cigarette ( yes I still struggle with smoking) and cool off before I lost my temper. As I sat out back having my cigarette, I thought about my own actions with God, how often am I like my son, happy when things are going my way but pitching a fit when life sets in and there’s work to be done. All too often my actions mirror a four-year old ,I’m happy while things are going my way but I’m throwing a fit when troubles arise . I’m not talking screaming and crying but just by having an ungrateful heart I’m no better than the four-year old who doesn’t want to leave the carnival! I started writing this blog because I thought I may be able to help others but more often than not I’m actually helping me! So here’s your assignment for the weekend, take a look at yourself this weekend and evaluate yourself honestly. Are you being a child of God or just a child? Have a great weekend!!


Give Depression The Boot

Hi friends and family, please forgive me for not writing lately but with the baby out of school and the wife starting a new job I just haven’t had a lot of time. I’ve wrote about happiness many times in my blog , I have wrote in general terms but I write from the position of an addict in recovery to other addicts. We are notorious for dealing with depression even after getting clean. Some say that those who have used opiates for years and years have damaged the part of our brains that give us a sense of well being. I’m not a doctor or a scientist but I am an addict who has dealt with depression. I define depression as feeling bad for no reason, everyone has day to day trouble and being an addict leaves us with a lot of stuff to clean up. So please don’t mistake having regrets or a bad day with being depressed. Some suggest replacement therapy,like methadone or suboxin. I have my theories about this but that really isn’t what this post is about. There are things you can do to battle back against depression, getting up turning on some good or inspirational music is a great start! Calling a positive friend and asking them to come over or go to a meeting is good stuff as well. Prayer really does change things and I highly recommend it just to get started, if you can get to some heavy duty praise and worship ,not only will your depression lift it will run to get away from you! Finally ,if you really want to get rid of that ugly depression, help somebody! If you get outside yourself and volunteer your services to the local community center, homeless shelter or hospital I can guarantee you will feel much better. I know this because I practice what I preach! Hope you are having a great week

What’s on TV

On a daily basis we are bombarded with tons of information, with advertisers trying to sell us the next must have item , we are pulled this way and that. It has become second nature and we hardly notice the sixty foot billboard or the pop up ads. Unless you live on a mountain you just can’t get away from it, open a newspaper, it’s there, turn on the TV ,it’s there, it’s everywhere. This item you need to have a Hollywood smile, that item you need to keep up with your neighbors, oh and those items make you better than your neighbors! I know there’s much content available to us and most of it we have to accept but what content are you focusing on? We are human and all need some downtime but what material are you allowing to program your thoughts. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break and playing some Angry Birds or with watching a little TV but what are you allowing into your heart? Are you filling it with Bible Studies and a Daily Devotion or are you watching porn and wrestling? I write these post for me and to provoke thought when possible, lately I’ve been giving a bit more thought to what I’m putting in and what I’m getting out. I’m not your conscious and I’m not here to dictate what you should watch but for me I’m paying closer attention to the shows in prime time , if I don’t want my kid to watch it well it’s probably not something I should be watching. Have a great Tuesday

Happy Friday friends and family, we made it through another week and I don’t know about you but mine wasnt great. I feel like I’m giving maximum effort to get minimum progress but that’s just life, sometimes you have to fight for every single inch of ground you make but other times things just float along and get things done with seemingly little effort. Right now I’m in the uphill battle of life and I don’t like it much and that’s what today’s post is about. We all know that in life you have to take the bitter to get the sweet but I think it’s more important that we deal with the bitter with a better attitude . Say that five times real fast. It’s when we are traveling uphill that we really need to look at our behavior and how we handle it. I think that when we accept the struggles in life not only do we make those difficulties that much easier but we learn to be truly grateful when things are going our way. I had a pretty rough week and the easy part isn’t in sight just yet, but here’s what I know, God didnt bring me this far to drop me off now. I just have to keep my eyes on the prize and keep moving forward. In life there will be bitter and there will be sweet , it’s how we handle our share of bitterness that dictates just how much sweet we get.have a great weekend


Happy Thursday friends and family, please forgive me for not posting this week, it’s been hectic but productive. While finishing up the rough copy of my book , due out in December, I’ve been getting all my ducks in a row. I contacted my friend Lee to help me with my website and he has done a fantastic job, so if your in the market for an affordable website let me know and ill put you in contact with my guy. I also have been shooting emails to my friends to proofread my book and give me some feedback. In the midst of all that my bathroom sprung a leak and I spent two days in there, then there’s my buisness to run and did I mention I have a four year old who is a daddy’s boy through and through. There’s many other things going on , way too many to list here but suffice it to say I’ve been really busy and a few things I just haven’t had time to do. Today I make time for those things that I don’t have time for because all the things I do are important to me. Hope you were able to follow all that because I nearly lost myself there lol. Hope your week is going great,stay busy and keep smiling. Special thanks to Lee Hibbard for all your work on the website. God bless!!

Who do you serve?

What do your closest friends think of you? Are you a friend who can be counted on or are you somebody they expect only to be there in good times? If today was your final day on Earth, what would the people who come to your funeral say? Don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about getting caught up in others expectations of who they think you should be I’m talking about friends and family looking over your lifetime and naming off your attributes. I was reading “The Purpose Driven Life ” this morning, if you don’t have a copy please order one today. It was talking about a passage in the bible that described King David this way: David served God’s purpose in his generation, that’s in Acts 13:36. What a great way to be known throughout time, to be forever remembered as a person who lived for God and not for self. Donald Trump has many buildings named after him to stroke his over inflated ego and sense of self worth. One day those buildings will turn to dust and the glitzy lights will fade away but what will his friends say about him, if he has any? More importantly will it be said that he served Gods purpose in his generation? I don’t know Donald Trump but I doubt it. This blog today is for me, I have to ask myself am I serving God to my full capacity? I’m not, but while I’m alive and still am blessed with the power to make a conscious decision I choose to serve Gods purpose today! You may ask me how I know what God’s purpose is, well there’s a simple way to figure it out. I would point you to Philippians 4:8 …..filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable,authentic , compelling , gracious- the best,not the worst; the beautiful,not the ugly;things to praise, not things to curse. Look this up in your Bible , if you don’t have one pick it up while you’re getting The Purpose Driven Life ;). Have a great day my friends!

Hello My Friends

Thanks to each and every person that reads my blog, your the force that drives the pen to the paper. I have been posting short inspirational quotes because I’m so busy with the final stages of my book. I’ve put so much work into it and I want that to be seen when people begin to read it. This is just a short note to my core readers, the ones who inspire me daily, you know who you are. Thanks for the love and support, thanks for reading my words and for giving me feedback. I will be a great writer and ill never forget my foundation, my starting point and those who read me before the courses I’m currently taking. To each of you my sincere and heartfelt thanks for taking the journey with me. We haven’t arrived at our destination yet but with people like you I can honestly say I’m enjoying the trip! Happy Tuesday !




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