Only As Sick As Our Secrets

What can we hide from God? If the very hairs on our head are numbered by the almighty, what secrets do we have? How about from our fellow man, now there’s a different story? We hide our secrets for fear that others won’t like us after they know us. Everyone has a past and many addicts have things they are shamed by, in fact many get stuck when it comes time to make a fearless, moral inventory . Others balk at the step that requires us to tell another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. However for those of us who have pushed through and worked these steps we found a freedom like never before. It’s liberating to say this is me, warts and all. God has no lack of mercy and grace , He is more then willing to forgive us. All to often it’s that we are unable or unwilling to forgive ourselves. As I approached these steps I felt the same fears so many others before me have felt. I was afraid my sponsor wouldn’t want to be my friend but I pushed past my fear and moved forward . As I started to tell my secrets , my sponsor nodded his head and admitted he had done many of the same things. To my surprise there are many people who have done similar things in pursuit of drugs, admitting to someone that you crawled across the floor to steal from your mothers pocketbook may be tough but after you expose that secret it has no more power over you. How can anyone find out about you after you’ve laid it all out there, there’s nothing to ‘find out’ ! You don’t have to be an addict to work the steps and you don’t have to run all over town blabbing your business to anyone who’ll listen to have worked the steps. I suggest you find a trusted friend or even a priest , if you don’t feel you have a friend that you’re comfortable talking about such things with. Expose those secrets to harsh light of admission and watch them disappear because you’re only as sick as your secrets!


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