Replacement Therapy (last entry)

So lets summarize the junkies opinion. I love the Alcoholics Anonymous program and I love the Narcotics Anonymous program and many people enjoy a great recovery in these 12step programs. When Bill Wilson and Dr Bob got together I doubt they realized they were anointed by God and that as a result millions of alcoholics would go on to lead productive lives they never envisioned while drinking. If you think that because I believe methadone to be a great tool that I’m against AA or NA program then you’re missing my point completely. In fact it’s quite the contrary, I believe these programs to be great and that those in the rooms are awesome people, I just want folks to be more open mined .
For the person who has a few years of addiction or maybe they got addicted to pain medicine after a surgery , these are perfect candidates for a five day Suboxone assisted detox followed by a thirty to ninety day rehab stay then total abstinence and meetings are a great program and many have great success . The Suboxone isn’t necessary after the detox period. This individual usually hasn’t done enough damage to their brain to justify continued medication. Again , when dealing with individuals there’s many factors to be considered and I don’t think there should be a one size fits all but a tailored assessment of each person.
Replacement Therapy is a viable option and should be one of the weapons used to fight addiction. If a person has diabetes or a heart condition and needs medication , no one says anything, its acceptable to treat a condition with medication from the doctor for these problems. If your brain doesn’t secrete or produce certain chemicals its fine to take Paxil,Celebrex, Prozac, or some anti-depressant but as soon as you mention Methadone there’s someone in the room to tell you ” you’re not really clean”. This ,my friends, has to change! Stop looking down your nose at people because their program is a little different then yours . It really is important to walk a mile in some one else’s shoes before you go passing judgement.
For me personally the program has been wonderful. Methadone addressed my addiction, my depression and my pain. To go without it would mean to live in pain daily, over the years of addiction I battered my body and my brain pretty badly . Methadone doesn’t completely keep me out of pain but makes it bearable . I still go to meetings and have no desires for opiates, I live an altruistic lifestyle , I’m a father, husband , brother and friend to people who know they can call on me , that I’m dependable and will help in any way I can. Family members and friends call me for advice or support these days but back in 2006 I was sleeping in the park and smoking cigarette butts I found on the ground. People on methadone go on to live very productive lives and have lots to offer so please lets remove the stigma of using this medication.


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