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If you head over to you can download a free copy of The Junkie’s Opinion. It’s my take on replacement therapy and the cookie cutter approach to dealing with addiction. My other book, A Junkie’s Nightmare, Coming Clean will be out later this year I’m still learning how to do all this stuff but ill get it. I believe my books will help someone and I’d love to write books full time but ultimately that’s going to be up to you. Sorry today’s blog is so brief but I just wanted to give you a free book and get to work finishing up the millions of details that go into publishing your own stuff. Have a good short week, enjoy my short book and we will talk again soon.


What my father taught me

My father wasnt Ward Clever , he was a whiskey drinking, fist fighting, woman and child beating type of man. He couldn’t read or write, he never cared for hard work although he expected it from others. I could write more of his bad points but what’s already listed is enough to make today’s point. I’m sure that growing up in his house was meant for bad and believe me it was bad but God has found a way to turn that around. I learned from my father exactly what not to be, I must admit I fell into the trap of being a lot like him atleast is some of his ways but today I use it for an example of what not to be. When dealing with my son I think of how my father would react and I do the exact opposite ! My three year old jumps on me to wake me up, he pulls my ears and headbutts me, these are things I would never have dreamed of doing with my father. If I had I would have ended up with a backhand that would have knocked me across the room. When my son is tired , scared or anything else he runs past mommy, his grandmother and everyone to get to his daddy and that’s something I never did with my father either. I’ve forgiven my father, in many ways he was a victim of his upbringing and I’m grateful that God has used me to break the cycle of abuse that started so long ago. My father had a terrible childhood and mine wasnt so great either but it ends there. The cycle of abuse stops and my son will have a loving father. Today I may not always know what to do but I certainly know what NOT to do, that’s what my father taught me, thanks dad and rest in peace the bonds are broken!


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