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God Loves You!

Sorry I didnt write yesterday but I went on a class trip with my son. I didnt plan on having a great time but I did. It was The Children’s Museum and the kids are allowed to touch the exhibits and interact with them. I laughed at my sons amazement to all these new things. He was delighted to see how a steam engine works or how your lungs deliver oxygen to the body. As I watched him I thought about my father, not my biological father but God. I thought about all the years I broke his heart with my indifference and bad decisions. I thought about His joy the day I hit my knees and surrendered my will to Him. As I watched my son run around with his little eyes full of wonder it gave me a new perspective on my relationship with God. There’s a little voice I’ve learned to tune into in my head, it takes practice but its worth the effort. Yesterday I heard that small voice say ” Freddie, what can Mikey do to make you stop loving him?” My answer was there’s nothing he can do to make me stop loving him, I get upset with him and at times I don’t like his decisions, I love him so I discipline him but nothing could make me stop loving my son! As I thought about this I heard that little voice say ” and nothing can make me stop loving you!” You may think I’m crazy and that the voices in my head are just my own thoughts but let me tell you I was overwhelmed at the level of Gods love, a love that is perfect and so far beyond our capacity to love that we haven’t even began to understand it! It’s an old saying and you may find it hokey but God loves you! Let that sink deep into your heart, God loves you!!! It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done, if you’ll ask God right now to lead your life to come into your heart, He will. Not because you’re sooo great or so evil but because the price has already been paid! God loves you that much!



God dont make junk! You’re no accident, you’re no mistake , you are exactly what God wants you to be. The only way you could have been made is for your moms DNA and yor dads DNA to come together at the exact moment in time to create you. God thinks we are worth so much that he went to the cross for us. Maybe your mom or dad told you that you’d never amount to anything, maybe you were or are in a relationship with a person who tells you your stupid, fat ,ugly or any other name that makes you dislike yourself. I’m here to tell you that’s garbage and it isn’t true! You’re brilliant , beautiful and lovely in Gods eyes, He love you so much He won’t force his way into you life. Look in the mirror, you’re 206 bones covered by twice as much muscle, lungs to breathe, systems to circulate blood organs to defend itself. You’re covered by 20 sq foot of skin that is waterproof, self repairing and constantly renews and sheds itself. I’ve made my point without going over every inch of you but you are Gods masterpiece ! A unique creation made to bring Him glory. Don’t listen to the magazines or television or anyone who tells you you’re not the apple of Gods eye. Today is the day you start believing in yourself , today start seeing what God says you are in Ephesians 2:10 . Start seeing yourself as Gods masterpiece

Today’s Miracle

I believe that God is working behind the scenes to make my life better and I believe there are great things headed my way. I also believe I am living a miracle right now. I woke up this morning without having to go buy dope to stop the screaming pain in my body. I have money in my pocket and beautiful son who adores his daddy . He loves to sneak up behind me and try out a new wrestling move when I’m at the computer working on my book. I don’t have a short temper and my family knows they can count on me. My friends will tell you I’m a man of my word and I’m the person they call when they need to talk. I’m a giver, not a taker, I’m a lender not a borrower. I’m these things because of Gods grace and mercy. I’m not here because of my good works or my amazing ability to reinvent myself. I’m alive and well because God is showing others that no matter how bad you think your life is He is able to repair the broken , the sick and the suffering. Yes there’s good things coming my way but im a walking, talking , writing ,living miracle today!!!

Have A Little Faith

We all struggle from time to time. There are times when it seems that we can’t get anything right, that somehow the stars lined up against us and Murphy’s law is in full effect. It’s not so much as to wether those times will come its how we handle it when they do. I ask myself if I’m a person who as soon as I see trouble starts complaining and whining about the unfairness of it all . I was ,at some point in my life ,but I’ve learned how to take the wind from my troubles sails. I thank God. No I haven’t went over the boards I’ve learned to smile and be grateful in times of life’s storm. I know that it’s after a storm that the most beautiful rainbows are produced. If I view my supposed “failures” as life experience then I remove fear from my endeavors and if I thank God for a lesson learned my “troubles” become my teacher and then I’m equipped to help someone else facing similar life lessons. Don’t get me wrong I’m not Job, there are times when I cry out to God asking for his mercy and guidance. Sometimes He removes the lesson other times He allows me to learn, I usually find that it was a poor decision on my part that led to that current problem. Yes bad things happen to good people and I don’t have the answers as to why. I put that up there with many things I don’t understand. I won’t know all of life’s mysteries till I’m walking in the garden with Jesus. For today ill trust in Him and have a little faith!

It’s never too late!

So you have a pocketful of excuses as to why you can’t pursue your dreams, you say freddiejay I’m on my third marriage, I’m closer to fifty then to twenty, I don’t have the schooling, I just don’t have the time. All of these are excuses and not very good ones there’s a ton of people who accomplished great things later in life. Let me name a few, Grandma Moses didnt start painting till she was 76, Julia Child was 49 when her first book was published, Harland Sanders started his chicken franchise at 65. That’s the tip of the iceberg , I could list many more. Now you can stand on your excuses and I’m sure someone will agree with you, however don’t expect Freddie to consign that junk ! We talked yesterday about the inability to fail if you look at every pursuit as a learning experience ! What if I told you the keys to happiness are as easy to access as turning on the spigot to get a glass of water? It’s true and I missed it for 37 years, that’s why I’m shouting to everyone who will listen, don’t let life pass you by!! Let me give you one more example of a guy who achieved incredible success later in life. For most of his life he was a drunk and drug addict, in and out of prisons and always straddling the thin line between life and death. He had no friends ,his family gave him the boot, he lived on the street and committed retail theft to pay for his 200 dollar a day heroin habit. He went into treatment in August 2007 where he turned his life over to a power greater then himself , after lots of hard work and self introspection he graduated the drug program. Went to work in a new field and became the shop foreman in less then a year. Started his own business putting roofing and siding on for people who couldn’t always pay. Is currently married to a beautiful blonde and has a three year old who adores his daddy. This guy is currently writing his first book and is considered by his friends and family to be an inspiration. You know that guy is me and I’m not bragging because all my success and happiness is from God! He is the author and finisher of my faith, when I look in the mirror at the crows feet around my eyes and self doubt tries to enter I believe I hear God say ” it’s never to late”

No losers, only experience !

When I decided to write a book I was hit with a ton of self doubt. My inner voice said ” freddiejay, you’re not a writer, how can you write a book, you don’t know the first thing about it”! I’ve admitted many times that I don’t consider myself a writer but I do enjoy writing. I also like airplanes but that doesn’t mean I should try to pilot one without some work ,right? I could of listened to all the negative things pounding in my head ” who do you think you are?” ” who would read what you write?” ” you had a tough life, many have what makes you think you should write this book?” I learned to silence that doubt by realizing that I can’t fail. I can’t fail because there isn’t any failure. If I write this book and it sells millions of copy and they get Brad Pitt to play me in the movie, then that’s a home run with great success. If I write this book and one person picks it up and says to themselves ” if freddiejay can change then I can change!” Then I’ve hit a home run and had great success. If no one reads my book I’ve proven to myself that I can follow my dreams and not just talk about doing things! Then I’ve hit a home run and have great success. The only person who misses out when we don’t follow our heart is us, if you have a dream to accomplish something I implore you to start today because you can’t lose you can only learn from it and gain experience !

Be A Hero

How much does it cost you to listen to an old man tell you about the good old days? Is your time so important that you can’t sit with a child and let them tell you a story full of wonder and imagination? Right now there’s someone who’s seeking your approval, maybe it’s a family member , a coworker or someone else but there’s someone in your life who could really benefit from your attention. I know life is busy and full of things we must do but you can’t discount being there for someone because you’re tired. People need other people to believe in them, including me. You can ask anyone who ever wrote a book how much rejection you deal with just trying to get an agent. I have 20 letters of rejection on my desk and that’s enough to make anyone doubt themselves . I choose to look to the positive, those who have read a few chapters and cried or those who haven’t seen a word of the book and said ” I believe in you” if it wasnt for those people I would have quit long ago. There’s enough negativity in the world , I’m asking you to join me today in turning away from the naysayers and in being someone’s hero. All it takes is a few minutes of your undevided attention and a positive attitude. I believe that you can be a hero!

Hey God , Im Over Here!

My wife and I love to go to NYC every year for our anniversary , we typically stay in a very nice hotel and spoil ourselves for the weekend. While there we go our separate ways for a few hours and my wife goes shopping while I go looking for a deli with cornbeef sandwiches that melt in your mouth. My wife calls my time ” girl watching” and ill never admit that while the scenery is nice it’s really the cornbeef I enjoy the most. I like to watch all the different people pass by and in New York you see everything. There’s people from all walks of life and watching the sea of people pass by its easy to feel very small and insignificant in that place. it reminds me of a song lyric where Scott Stapp of creed laments ” hey God I know I’m just a dot in this world have you forgot about me”? Sometimes I feel forgotten, there’s periods of time where nothing seems to be going my way or life just seems to pass me by. It’s during those time that I dig down deep into my faith and remember that the very hairs on my head are numbered. That there’s a big God out there that loves me, who wants me to succeed. In my life His presence has been undeniable, doors have been opened that I thought were welded shut! The atheist is entitled to his lone existence but as for me and my house we will worship The Lord .


We go through our day, we get our kids ready for school and we rush to work drinking a gas station cup of coffee. Work for a bit looking at the clock for our break, work for a bit looking at the clock for our lunch, work for a bit looking to the clock for quitting time. Rush home , pick up the kids ,throw a frozen lasagna in the oven, eat it in separate rooms, one in front of a computer a few in front of tvs spread throughout the house, make sure the kids did their homework and washed behind their ears, then to the bedroom where we fall asleep watching Letterman or whomever, to get up in the morning and start the process anew just in different clothes! Now what did we forget?? Some of you will say Well we didnt take any time for ourselves and others will say we didnt take time for our spouse and you wouldn’t be wrong but we left our spirituality out of it. We didnt take time for a short morning devotion or to pray while we were on the interstate. I know your day is hectic and filled with many challenges but remember to feed your spirit because when we get to the end of this life it’s all we will have! Happy midweek my friends!

Freddiejay challenge

My daily blog mostly stems from my daily interaction with people and when Im talking with someone I make mental notes. My blog is about God, recovery,positive thinking,faith, marriage, parenting and all good things! This gives me an insight into the good things of our world, it’s like the old half glass of water thing, is it half full or half empty? I choose to look at things from the half full side of the debate simply because I believe it’s just that ,a choice. I’m not blind ,I know there’s bad out there, I know that bad happens to good people for no apparent reason. I’ve also learned I can wallow in that and be miserable or I can move past it and look to the good in life and be happy , upbeat and more pleasurable to be around. I’ve been wronged without a cause but I’ve been forgiven for so much more. I want you to take the freddiejay challenge and try to accentuate the positive for the next 14 days, if you will practice to be happy and yes some of us need practice I guarantee you your life will improve and if it doesn’t send me an email and ill spend a few moments being miserable with you lol. Have a great day my friends


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