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Hello folks and happy Monday , I can almost hear the groans, but yes happy Monday . I, for one, think Monday gets a bad rap , I mean, I know it’s the start of the work week and for most people work sucks but Monday is a fresh start and who doesn’t love a fresh start? I think we need to see Monday in a new light, Monday is the day we shrug off any failures or disappointments from the previous week, it’s a brand new week to start on a positive note, on this day we can make a decision to think positive or eat healthy. To actually start an exercise routine like walking or riding a bike. I know there’s plenty of challenges that come with the new week but if we look at them as opportunities instead of barriers we gain a new respect for our fresh start. Yes it’s easy to jump on the band wagon and go along with the crowd slamming Monday for beginning our tormentor but I like to go against the tide at times. I spent years trapped in my addiction, being miserable, getting locked up and going through withdrawal , everyday I’m sober is a Friday by comparison . Somewhere along the way God showed me that it was up to me to either be grateful and live happy or be ungrateful and blame everyone else for my misery. I choose happiness, I choose responsibility for self and I’m able to look in the mirror without wanting to smash it. That, to me, is living in victory and I give God the glory because under my own power I’m a mess, plain and simple. You’re entitled to your belief or your lack thereof but I know what works for me and to choose unhappiness seems crazy but ask yourself what your choice is today. Are you going with the crowd and joining in on negative talk or are you a beacon of light in a sea of darkness?


Change the world

So what is it that ails America ? That’s right folks I’m taking on the big dogs this week, it appears my series on replacement therapy fell flat (I thought it was good) so I must move on! As I see it, and I’m not alone we have lost our sense of community, it’s become dog eat dog and he who has the most toys wins! How many disasters does it take for us to realize our focus is in the wrong direction. As we watch another episode of cribs and talk about ” if only”! If only I had that job, if only I had that car, if only I had that house, then I’d be happy. If things made us happy no rock star would ever kill himself!! So you ask me, do you know the key to happiness mr smarty pants ? my answer is this, I know what makes me happy. I’m at my best when I’m serving others, an altruistic lifestyle is wired into us and nothing can give me more satisfaction then seeing a grateful smile in return for my help. On Sunday we go to church and we call one another sister and brother and we sit next to people of a different color and we nod our head vigorously when the preacher tells us to love one another. We talk to our fellow parishioners and we agree something needs to be done and we ask what would Jesus do? Ill tell ya what folks, I don’t know what Jesus would do but I can bet he wouldn’t walk out of church , go home and beat his kids, cheat on his wife and report to work on Monday morning ready to take over smaller companies, fire people with family problems and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t spend Monday through Saturday separating himself from his fellow man. Now I know not everyone beats their kids or cheats on their spouse I’m just giving a extreme example of bad behavior. My point is we need, I need ,to carry the sense of community and love for my fellow man throughout my week. I don’t know how to change the world but I do know how to change my world! Have a great week my friends!!!

Happy thoughts

I know some of you will recall the guy on PBS who would paint these amazing pictures, he had a 1970s haircut and as he would put happy little trees on the canvas. Some of us thought he may have smoked lots of ” happy little tree” cause he was always so mellow and happy. Maybe he did smoke something or maybe he just found something that gave him joy. I know I’m not a great writer…….yet. However I love writing and I’m most happy when I’m in front of my “canvas” trying to paint you a picture. When Seyissandradavid or pennypress give me a compliment on my writing I’m filled with joy to be noticed by those talented individuals. When bondingtool or someone says hey freddie your words touched me today, I have a sense of satisfaction like I’ve never had in construction. My point is your thoughts will follow your actions and vice versa, if your doing something that gives you happy feelings, you’ll enjoy doing it and you’ll take time to get better and better. If you’re in a job just for the money I suggest you quit that job, it’s better to live in a tent being happy then it is to live in a mansion full of strife! I signed up yesterday for a writing course and I can’t wait for it to begin. Do what you love and you’ll do it well, even if it takes some practice. Do your job for money alone and you’ll have very few happy thoughts. Happy Tuesday friends.

100 Post

Today marks a milestone for me, this is my one hundredth post! Looking back over the things I’ve wrote I guess my central theme has been love! Sometimes I came across wrong, at times my writing was poor and atleast one post is a jumbled mess but overall if I were only known for what I’ve put on here, I’d be ok with that. My intent has always been to spread love, to accentuate the positive and to improve myself. When I told you what you should do, I was talking to me first! This has been and will continue to be a learning experience for me, I’ve found a passion I didnt know existed in the written word. It has made me want to better myself and communicate on a new level, I’ve made new friends and learned many things. I must admit that I like who I am today and that wasnt always the case, in fact in my active addiction I smashed every mirror in my little apartment because I couldn’t stand my own reflection, at one time I prayed for death but God chose to keep me here through several suicide attempts. Life is good and life is beautiful and I’m very happy with my life. It’s not perfect and at times it’s really difficult but I’m glad I have all of you to take this crazy ride with me. Thank you for all the support and please look for my books in the near future! Lets hope the next 100 post are even better then the first!! Peace and love my friends

It’s never too late!

So you have a pocketful of excuses as to why you can’t pursue your dreams, you say freddiejay I’m on my third marriage, I’m closer to fifty then to twenty, I don’t have the schooling, I just don’t have the time. All of these are excuses and not very good ones there’s a ton of people who accomplished great things later in life. Let me name a few, Grandma Moses didnt start painting till she was 76, Julia Child was 49 when her first book was published, Harland Sanders started his chicken franchise at 65. That’s the tip of the iceberg , I could list many more. Now you can stand on your excuses and I’m sure someone will agree with you, however don’t expect Freddie to consign that junk ! We talked yesterday about the inability to fail if you look at every pursuit as a learning experience ! What if I told you the keys to happiness are as easy to access as turning on the spigot to get a glass of water? It’s true and I missed it for 37 years, that’s why I’m shouting to everyone who will listen, don’t let life pass you by!! Let me give you one more example of a guy who achieved incredible success later in life. For most of his life he was a drunk and drug addict, in and out of prisons and always straddling the thin line between life and death. He had no friends ,his family gave him the boot, he lived on the street and committed retail theft to pay for his 200 dollar a day heroin habit. He went into treatment in August 2007 where he turned his life over to a power greater then himself , after lots of hard work and self introspection he graduated the drug program. Went to work in a new field and became the shop foreman in less then a year. Started his own business putting roofing and siding on for people who couldn’t always pay. Is currently married to a beautiful blonde and has a three year old who adores his daddy. This guy is currently writing his first book and is considered by his friends and family to be an inspiration. You know that guy is me and I’m not bragging because all my success and happiness is from God! He is the author and finisher of my faith, when I look in the mirror at the crows feet around my eyes and self doubt tries to enter I believe I hear God say ” it’s never to late”

If It Don’t Apply, Let It Fly

Do you have a coworker or family member who never has anything nice to say? The cup is always half empty in their eyes and that’s because someone took the other half from them. I must admit there is a person in my life like that , always complaining and blaming others for his failures. It’s always someone else’s fault , the entire world is corrupt and the only time he seems happy is when he’s telling anyone who will listen the problems of the world. I can’t get rid of this person so I’ve learned to turn him off. I gave up trying to tell him about responsibility for self and the joys of a positive outlook, he would shake his head in agreement and start right back to complaining. I tune him out, I know there’s nothing good coming from his mouth so I refuse to agree or even acknowledge his rants. He will ask if I’m listening and I reply that I hear the words but I’ve no time for negativity. He usually moves away and finds someone else to cry to. I am a masculine man and I don’t think much of men who always talk about problems, I’m solution oriented . Lets take a step further and talk about a person who makes derogatory statements directed at you , you can give away your power and control by arguing or getting angry but you take the wind out of their sails when you pay them no attention. Don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing that those little ugly words get to you. The real joy comes when you realize their words don’t mean a thing they are the rumblings of a hateful heart or a damaged heart but at any rate if it don’t apply let it fly!

Attitude Of Gratitude

A man went to his optometrist and found out he had to have eye surgery, and while the surgery may help, there was a chance it could render him blind. While under the doctors discovered it was just a fungus that could be removed and the mans vision would return to 20/20. When he awoke and heard the news he exclaimed “this is the greatest day of my life”! A young lady went for a mammogram where a mass was discovered in her breast, the doctors would have to remove the breast. While under they found that what was supposed to be a tumor was a benign cyst, the young lady woke up and shouted with happiness “praise be to God!” Neither of these people had hit the lottery or were given a brand new car, no ,they were ecstatic that their parts were in working order. We take so many things for granted but if you are in decent health and have 20 bucks on you , you are among the most fortunate on this planet. I want to take this moment to thank God for all the things I take for granted on a daily basis, won’t you join me?

Freddiejay Time

I’ve always thought that happiness is mostly a choice, I say mostly because we must face that there are forces beyond our control that can bring on unhappiness . Over the past few days I’ve been put to the test on these ideas and I’ve come through it believing that happiness is a choice……..mostly! I make a conscious decision to smile when I don’t feel like smiling and it helps but I’ve had so much on my plate lately I feel like I’ve been lost in the shuffle. I’ve been trying so hard to make everyone else happy that I forgot to make me happy.i love to help others but when it gets so heavy that you feel smothered by others problems, it’s time to reevaluate things! I know I’m rambling but to be honest that’s okay , for this moment I just want to be heard. I’ve taken on too much of other people’s crap and I need some freddiejay time!

Good Stuff

I’m going to say it so the observant don’t feel compelled to leave me a message calling me a thief. I’m steeling an idea I seen on Facebook , but I really think its an idea worth stealing. Here’s the plan, we get a mason jar or old piggy bank and everytime something good happens, we make a note of it, drop it in the bank/jar and on on New Years 2014 we open it to remember all the good things of 2013! I’m a friggin genius, that’ll be my first note, I was smart enough to steal a great idea LMBO !Happy New year!!!!!!

Full Potential

I recently read a story of a man who having some problems with his vision went to the doctor and the doctor informed the man that surgery could make his vision better but there was a strong possibility he could be blind as a result of the surgery. He prayed and talked to his family before going for the life changing surgery, while he was under the doctor discovered it was just a fungus and removed it, the mans 20/20 vision would be restored. When he awoke and heard the news he claimed it was the greatest day ever.
Far too often something has to be taken or nearly taken for us to appreciate it. There are no guarantees in life with the exception that one day we will leave this body. If you knew you had 24 hours to live who would you call? Well call them today cause tomorrow or even the next breath is promised to no one! I write these blogs for you but I write them for me as well. God has given me so much and I don’t always appreciate it but today I’m going to try harder to live life to its full potential!


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