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Change the world

So what is it that ails America ? That’s right folks I’m taking on the big dogs this week, it appears my series on replacement therapy fell flat (I thought it was good) so I must move on! As I see it, and I’m not alone we have lost our sense of community, it’s become dog eat dog and he who has the most toys wins! How many disasters does it take for us to realize our focus is in the wrong direction. As we watch another episode of cribs and talk about ” if only”! If only I had that job, if only I had that car, if only I had that house, then I’d be happy. If things made us happy no rock star would ever kill himself!! So you ask me, do you know the key to happiness mr smarty pants ? my answer is this, I know what makes me happy. I’m at my best when I’m serving others, an altruistic lifestyle is wired into us and nothing can give me more satisfaction then seeing a grateful smile in return for my help. On Sunday we go to church and we call one another sister and brother and we sit next to people of a different color and we nod our head vigorously when the preacher tells us to love one another. We talk to our fellow parishioners and we agree something needs to be done and we ask what would Jesus do? Ill tell ya what folks, I don’t know what Jesus would do but I can bet he wouldn’t walk out of church , go home and beat his kids, cheat on his wife and report to work on Monday morning ready to take over smaller companies, fire people with family problems and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t spend Monday through Saturday separating himself from his fellow man. Now I know not everyone beats their kids or cheats on their spouse I’m just giving a extreme example of bad behavior. My point is we need, I need ,to carry the sense of community and love for my fellow man throughout my week. I don’t know how to change the world but I do know how to change my world! Have a great week my friends!!!


Support crew

We all need someone we can talk to, that friend who understands us and gives us good, constructive advice. If you don’t have a friend like that I suggest you get some new friends. I get phone calls from people all hours of the night, is it because I’m so brilliant and understand all of life’s mysteries? Absolutely not! I’ve found that more often than not the person on the other end of the phone already knows the answer they just want someone to hear them. It’s not a weakness to admit we need others, don’t you think that when Jesus called Lazarus forward he could have spoken the word and the burial clothes would have fallen off? Of course He could have but he told other to go to him and take care of him because He understood the importance of fellowship, He also knows that sometimes man has to touch things for them to be real to him. Our need to be around others who are going in the same direction is paramount. If you are still hanging with old friends who are doing the same old thing how can you hope to experience the new things life has to offer ?You can’t surround yourself with people going backward and expect to go forward ! If you want to break out of the same old routine, take a look around you and see who lines up with your new attitude. Life is short, cut the dead wood and keep growing! Happy Tuesday!!

Microwave Jesus

There’s a reason why the diet industry makes billions of dollars a year and there’s a reason these diets fail 99% of the time. There’s a boatload of ways to make money in this country but there’s a reason why so many people are living paycheck to paycheck. Are these diet people frauds? Well some are but most will work if you follow the instructions. The many ways to make money are all over the Internet ,are they all liars? Again, some are but if you put in the work you could earn extra income with the ideas they have. So what’s the problem? People want a magic wand, they don’t want to work at something that makes you disipline yourself. They want an immediate payoff with no work, I’m here to tell you nothing works that way! If anyone says it does,well they are trying to get your money! Suppose out of the blue one day I ran up to your door , beat on it furiously and when you answered said ” listen you don’t know me but I really need your help out of this jam I’m in and if you help ,well ,ill be your friend!” You would probably slam the door in my face and call the police. How many times do we run to God to fix our finances , heal our sick relative or get us out of trouble without first having a relationship with him? How often do we turn on the television instead of opening our bible? I’m asking you but this is as much for me as anyone else. There isn’t a quick fix , and there isn’t a microwave Jesus. Have a great week my friends!


Happy Friday my friends! This morning I overslept and didnt get my son to school on time. There was a time when I would of let that ruin my day but Gods love has taken me to new levels. I’m not a bad father because I overslept , I’m human. Today’s blog is about becoming comfortable in my own skin, and why shouldn’t I be? I mean, after all, I spend a lot of time with me! I’ve learned to accept me and that’s not as easy as it sounds but my goodness is it liberating! I don’t have to like what’s in style or listen to the music everyone else does. Magazines don’t dress me or tell me how to be a father. I don’t let others and their many opinions about who I’m supposed to be ,affect me in the least. I try to please God and I’ve found that if I follow the examples of Jesus I do just fine. I respect others and their many opinions but I don’t allow it to dictate who I am ! I make mistakes and I take them to God. Don’t get me wrong i love to continually better myself but if you think you’ll ever see me in skinny jeans and an orange sweater you’re mistaken ! I know who the Kardashians are simply because the one is gorgeous but I’ve never watched the show or any Paris Hilton vehicle either. In my opinion these things are a complete waste of time but that’s just my opinion and I have many of them. Embrace who you are and get comfortable in your skin, you’re going to be there awhile!

Have A Little Faith

We all struggle from time to time. There are times when it seems that we can’t get anything right, that somehow the stars lined up against us and Murphy’s law is in full effect. It’s not so much as to wether those times will come its how we handle it when they do. I ask myself if I’m a person who as soon as I see trouble starts complaining and whining about the unfairness of it all . I was ,at some point in my life ,but I’ve learned how to take the wind from my troubles sails. I thank God. No I haven’t went over the boards I’ve learned to smile and be grateful in times of life’s storm. I know that it’s after a storm that the most beautiful rainbows are produced. If I view my supposed “failures” as life experience then I remove fear from my endeavors and if I thank God for a lesson learned my “troubles” become my teacher and then I’m equipped to help someone else facing similar life lessons. Don’t get me wrong I’m not Job, there are times when I cry out to God asking for his mercy and guidance. Sometimes He removes the lesson other times He allows me to learn, I usually find that it was a poor decision on my part that led to that current problem. Yes bad things happen to good people and I don’t have the answers as to why. I put that up there with many things I don’t understand. I won’t know all of life’s mysteries till I’m walking in the garden with Jesus. For today ill trust in Him and have a little faith!

The Scruffy Guy

I’d like to start by apologizing for not writing anything on Thursday and Friday . The simple truth is I couldn’t get the words on paper and I think more of my readers then to force something down just to produce. I write from the heart and I believe every word I put down. With that said ,ill never force anything it either flows or I take the day off . On to today’s topic, what does an addict look like, is it the scruffy guy with the hoodie that sleeps in the park near your job? How about the guy in front of your favorite coffee shop who ask for your spare change? The truth is that addiction has probably touched thier lives, but what if I told you the upstanding doctor your going to see is an addict, or that lawyer you hired for your custody case keeps a bottle in his briefcase . My point is there are many addicts that hold these positions as well as other high paying jobs. Addiction comes in many forms, we always think drugs and alcohol but thers sex, food ,porn,video games,Internet and a host of other addictions. We must be very careful at our judgement of the scruffy guy because we are only one compulsion from becoming that guy. Addiction doesn’t care about race, color, creed, social standing, education or any other factor it can take over anyone’s life. Take inventory of yourself, is your spending out of control, are you thinking about sex 24 hours a day. There’s a self help group for you and asking for help is not a weakness but if you leave thes addictions unchecked it will teach you what weakness is. Jesus said we look at a speck in others eyes but don’t see the plank in our own eye. Be careful at what you say could never happen to you and one other thing, buy that guy a cup of coffee, a smile and an 89 cent cup of coffee may save that scruffy guys life. Have a blessed week!

Such A Nice Man

I won’t try to convince you I’m a perfect creature , in fact those who read my book will find that for a long time I was quite the opposite of what we consider a nice guy. However I learned how to embrace who I was and accept that I’m a sinner in need of a savior. I’m so glad that Jesus didnt hang around with the so called good people of his time. No he hung with sinners, tax collectors and prostitutes and when questioned he said in essence that he was here for those who needed him. Well that would be all of us but if one believes he’s perfect then Jesus wasnt trying to reach him. No he came to give hope to the lost, to heal the sick but most importantly to die for a sinner like me. I love Jesus but he loved me first and all I have to do is accept a gift he gave me so long ago. I know it’s gonna sound crazy but I think Jesus has a soft spot for alcoholics and addicts, after all it us that need him the most. When I think of what He brought me through and continues to do for me I’m astounded by that level of love. I do love when people say” that freddiejay sure is a nice man” but the truth is I’d be nothing without the love of my savior. Maybe you don’t believe what I believe and that’s cool but I’ve seen the evidence of that which is unseen. It’s right there in the mirror every morning I shave. I see Gods mighty hand everytime someone says ” you’re such a nice man” I owe all that I am to Him.

I’m a fan

We did it! It’s Friday and for many, payday!! Some have to work tomorrow while others have two days of rest relaxation! I know a large number of you will be cheering on your favorite team, I’m a Giants fan and they had me thinking and saying some very “un-Christian” things! I’m human and I make mistakes so thank God I’m forgiven! Anyway I heard a famous female preacher ask why we are willing to scream our lungs out for our favorite team but reluctant to share our faith! She’s right we will drop 75 bucks on a jersey but won’t buy a bible for more then 20 bucks! I’m not saying we should be out there with a megaphone scaring folks off but we also shouldn’t be ashamed to wear a tshirts with a scripture on it! We shouldn’t be afraid of what people will think of us if we tell them we don’t want to hear a “dirty” joke because we’re Christians! When the day comes and it is coming for each and everyone of us that we are called before our creator, I want Jesus to says ” yes Father he’s a fan of us!!!!”


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