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He can and He is

So I wrote a book and even started a follow up, I’ve followed instruction and taken advice but I’ve found my limitations. Marketing this book is a whole new beast, don’t gather that I’m giving up because nothing could be farther from the truth. No, I’m about to push through my limitation, learn all I can about marketing, do all I can on my own, hire professionals as needed and as funds allow. Along the way ill make mistakes, ill get frustrated and at some point ill say to myself ” I can’t do this” but then ill gather my thoughts and hit my knees to cry out to God and continue on. The book will come out and it will be successful even if it never sells one copy because of the wealth of knowledge I’ve accrued along the way. At some point there will be someone who wants to write a book and ill be able to help them out. When we start looking at things as a learning experience you’ll find that you have less and less failures. I’m Gods success story, it’s through my belief in Him that I have another day free from the shackles of heroin. All the pain, misery, overdoses and prison stays were not in Gods plan for me that was my free will at work but he has taken those negative things and turned them into a positive. I’m able to share my story so others don’t have to go through it. What a glorious day it is when you realize that God can and is using you to help others.


Talking to myself

What are you saying when you’re having that inner-dialogue with yourself? Are you speaking words of defeat and all things negative or are you speaking words of power and all things positive? I believe our inner dialogue is directly responsible for our daily attitude. Lets face it, it’s not what people say to us because people say lots of things but its what we say to us that shapes and molds us. I’m reading a book by Shad Helmstetter called ” what to say when you talk to yourself ” he talks about the brain being a computer and the only thing you get out of it is what you put in. Some of us need to rewire or reprogram our computers, throw out all the junk files and cluttered up junk and reprogram it with positive messages and and good things. I try to watch what information I allow into my brain cause I’ve learned the hard way how important it is to think positive.i don’t know the reason but its a fact that your life follows your thoughts. If you are always down and out you’re always going to be down and out, but if you’re going through a tough time and you look at it as a learning experience or as a way to help someone else with the knowledge you gained then you’re reprogramming your brain. You can’t lose when you count it all as positive , you take the power away from those who love your misery. Just for today take control of your thoughts and when you feel a negative thought brewing flip it around and think of something you’re grateful for. Have a good weekend!


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