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Hello folks and happy Monday , I can almost hear the groans, but yes happy Monday . I, for one, think Monday gets a bad rap , I mean, I know it’s the start of the work week and for most people work sucks but Monday is a fresh start and who doesn’t love a fresh start? I think we need to see Monday in a new light, Monday is the day we shrug off any failures or disappointments from the previous week, it’s a brand new week to start on a positive note, on this day we can make a decision to think positive or eat healthy. To actually start an exercise routine like walking or riding a bike. I know there’s plenty of challenges that come with the new week but if we look at them as opportunities instead of barriers we gain a new respect for our fresh start. Yes it’s easy to jump on the band wagon and go along with the crowd slamming Monday for beginning our tormentor but I like to go against the tide at times. I spent years trapped in my addiction, being miserable, getting locked up and going through withdrawal , everyday I’m sober is a Friday by comparison . Somewhere along the way God showed me that it was up to me to either be grateful and live happy or be ungrateful and blame everyone else for my misery. I choose happiness, I choose responsibility for self and I’m able to look in the mirror without wanting to smash it. That, to me, is living in victory and I give God the glory because under my own power I’m a mess, plain and simple. You’re entitled to your belief or your lack thereof but I know what works for me and to choose unhappiness seems crazy but ask yourself what your choice is today. Are you going with the crowd and joining in on negative talk or are you a beacon of light in a sea of darkness?


Thank God It’s Monday

I know this will sound funny to some of you but I’m so glad it’s Monday , my sons birthday was this weekend and I had a big bill looming that had to get paid so the end of last week into the weekend was hectic to say the least. At 7 pm last night I deposited the last of the money that had to be in the bank by this morning with a satisfied sigh. I came home and we sang happy birthday to my son who ran out of the room, more interested in playing the game we took him away from for birthday festivities ! As we sat down to ice cream and cake my wife looked at me and asked ” did we make it” I smiled and nodded my head and I watched the tension leave her shoulders. It made me feel like a man, it made me happy to know my hard work has paid off. I think of all the years I wasted thinking a man had to be a great fighter or have lots of different women. I’m so grateful that God has given me another chance to learn how to be a man, to be someone I respect. I know it may sound crazy but I actually smiled at myself in the mirror this morning while brushing my teeth. Those years I spent in ignorance werent wasted years they made me all the more grateful to be who I am today. Thank God It’s Monday!!
Have a good week friends !!!

Rainy Monday

Wow my week has gotten off to a rough start, to begin its rainy and foggy out here in my neck of thee woods. Then my son had a cold return with a vengeance so he’s going to miss school. On top of those things my wife has aggravated me to no end about little nagging wife things! Whew, it’s enough to make a man pull his hair out, I guess it’s good I wear mine so short lol. Well I could have gave in to my aggravation and not wrote my blog or spent the rest of my day angry but its time to practice what I preach. Yes it’s raining, but I have about ten different hats and multiple umbrellas around here, I’m sure there’s a kid out there now who would give nearly anything just to have a net that keeps the malaria carrying mosquito away. Yes my son doesn’t feel well he has a runny nose but somewhere there’s a mother and father hoping their cancer stricken baby makes it through the next surgery! My wife has aggravated me today but somewhere there’s a lonely man who would give just about anything to lay down at night next to a woman as beautiful as my wife is. Yes life has its rainy Mondays but if we lean on God and truly look at our place in life we can see there a sunny Saturday just around the corner!


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