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He can and He is

So I wrote a book and even started a follow up, I’ve followed instruction and taken advice but I’ve found my limitations. Marketing this book is a whole new beast, don’t gather that I’m giving up because nothing could be farther from the truth. No, I’m about to push through my limitation, learn all I can about marketing, do all I can on my own, hire professionals as needed and as funds allow. Along the way ill make mistakes, ill get frustrated and at some point ill say to myself ” I can’t do this” but then ill gather my thoughts and hit my knees to cry out to God and continue on. The book will come out and it will be successful even if it never sells one copy because of the wealth of knowledge I’ve accrued along the way. At some point there will be someone who wants to write a book and ill be able to help them out. When we start looking at things as a learning experience you’ll find that you have less and less failures. I’m Gods success story, it’s through my belief in Him that I have another day free from the shackles of heroin. All the pain, misery, overdoses and prison stays were not in Gods plan for me that was my free will at work but he has taken those negative things and turned them into a positive. I’m able to share my story so others don’t have to go through it. What a glorious day it is when you realize that God can and is using you to help others.


It’s never too late!

So you have a pocketful of excuses as to why you can’t pursue your dreams, you say freddiejay I’m on my third marriage, I’m closer to fifty then to twenty, I don’t have the schooling, I just don’t have the time. All of these are excuses and not very good ones there’s a ton of people who accomplished great things later in life. Let me name a few, Grandma Moses didnt start painting till she was 76, Julia Child was 49 when her first book was published, Harland Sanders started his chicken franchise at 65. That’s the tip of the iceberg , I could list many more. Now you can stand on your excuses and I’m sure someone will agree with you, however don’t expect Freddie to consign that junk ! We talked yesterday about the inability to fail if you look at every pursuit as a learning experience ! What if I told you the keys to happiness are as easy to access as turning on the spigot to get a glass of water? It’s true and I missed it for 37 years, that’s why I’m shouting to everyone who will listen, don’t let life pass you by!! Let me give you one more example of a guy who achieved incredible success later in life. For most of his life he was a drunk and drug addict, in and out of prisons and always straddling the thin line between life and death. He had no friends ,his family gave him the boot, he lived on the street and committed retail theft to pay for his 200 dollar a day heroin habit. He went into treatment in August 2007 where he turned his life over to a power greater then himself , after lots of hard work and self introspection he graduated the drug program. Went to work in a new field and became the shop foreman in less then a year. Started his own business putting roofing and siding on for people who couldn’t always pay. Is currently married to a beautiful blonde and has a three year old who adores his daddy. This guy is currently writing his first book and is considered by his friends and family to be an inspiration. You know that guy is me and I’m not bragging because all my success and happiness is from God! He is the author and finisher of my faith, when I look in the mirror at the crows feet around my eyes and self doubt tries to enter I believe I hear God say ” it’s never to late”

No losers, only experience !

When I decided to write a book I was hit with a ton of self doubt. My inner voice said ” freddiejay, you’re not a writer, how can you write a book, you don’t know the first thing about it”! I’ve admitted many times that I don’t consider myself a writer but I do enjoy writing. I also like airplanes but that doesn’t mean I should try to pilot one without some work ,right? I could of listened to all the negative things pounding in my head ” who do you think you are?” ” who would read what you write?” ” you had a tough life, many have what makes you think you should write this book?” I learned to silence that doubt by realizing that I can’t fail. I can’t fail because there isn’t any failure. If I write this book and it sells millions of copy and they get Brad Pitt to play me in the movie, then that’s a home run with great success. If I write this book and one person picks it up and says to themselves ” if freddiejay can change then I can change!” Then I’ve hit a home run and had great success. If no one reads my book I’ve proven to myself that I can follow my dreams and not just talk about doing things! Then I’ve hit a home run and have great success. The only person who misses out when we don’t follow our heart is us, if you have a dream to accomplish something I implore you to start today because you can’t lose you can only learn from it and gain experience !

The Day After

We made it through another Christmas , here at the Freddiejay household we had a wonderful day. As the new year approaches some will make resalutions, I for one am going to try and eat a little healthier in the new year. I’d like to lose about fifteen pounds not because I’m fat but just to be a little more fit! I love fresh starts and I figure a lot of people are the same way. Will I succeed ? I hope so but if not i can make a new start the day after I eat some cheesecake. My point is, if I have one is that there’s always time to change. If there’s a resalution you have well write it in the comments, make a declaration to give it the old college try! Here’s to the new year and endless possibilities! I’m claiming that 2013 is my year, it’s going to bring many changes to my life and all of them will be great! Yes I honestly believe the things I write, just for today, believe with me!


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